Simple and Easy Flower Guide for Guys

If you are one of those guys who go into a flower shop and are simply overwhelmed with the variety, complexities, and colors, then don’t worry! Here we have a great guide to selecting the perfect flower for every occasion!

Just because – surprising that special someone is great for those just starting off relationships or for letting your loved one know that you still care even after you’ve been in the relationship for a while! If you want to surprise them then getting a mixed bouquet is perfect. Add in some daisies, lilies, and even a few wild flowers – the colors will brighten up your loved one’s day!

Simple and Easy Flower Guide for Guys

Simple and Easy Flower Guide for Guys

Pick me up – if someone is having a horrible day, ill, or just lost a loved one, then sending them some flowers is a great way to let them know someone cares and wants them to be happy. When buying a pick me up, try getting a planted flower that is blooming and maybe add in a teddy bear! The blooming flower will continue to bloom and live on throughout the months and will be a constant reminder of your affection!

Love – Often time’s people think of red roses when they want to make a statement of love. While buying red roses is always a beautiful sentiment, thinking outside of the box a little is as well! If your girl loves pink why not get her a dozen pink roses? Or instead of just buying a dozen roses, go over the top and buy two or three dozen! You can even go with some rare flowers or your loved one’s favorite flowers. For instance if they love calla lilies, spend a little extra to buy them that! Adding in some balloons that say “I love you” will also help as well!

Helpful tips

Ask the florist – florists are amazing and can easily help design beautiful bouquet of flowers within your budget and for the perfect occasion. If you want something for a person’s birthday you can get some help from your florist by describing the person and create a unique bouquet that will really take your loved ones breathe away!

Extra touches – going out to get flowers is a great thing, however try adding a few extra touches! Instead of just sending flowers why not put in a teddy bear or a stuffed version of their favorite animal? Also include a message card with the flowers!

Time – remember that on Valentine’s Day florists are REALLY busy so call well in advance to get flowers!

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