Tips For Keeping A Long Distance Relationship Alive

You should get to know the person, really pay attention to emotional and physical cues that you can feel with your body. Knowing what the other person feels towards you is key to developing these strong physical ties. A long distance relationship is so much different than the real thing.

It’s based on helping each on a physical level and knowing that you’re helping your long distance friend to become something even more special than they are today. Because people want to come together physically, many long distance relationships end with a couple coming together in real life.

Tips For Keeping A Long Distance Relationship Alive

Tips For Keeping A Long Distance Relationship Alive

The telephone is one of your best friends when it comes to long distance relationships. It can help to make you feel more at ease with your love interest or friend. They can tell you about their day, and if you listen to their body language through the tone of their voice, you can better prepare yourself to be “by their side” even though you can’t actually be there. Sometimes this takes a lot of time to get comfortable with someone you know you like and sometimes, people DON’T WANT to physically communicate at all. You have to discuss these things no matter what.

Computers are also great for long distance relationships. They can help prepare you for being in tune with the other persons body and allow you to form more close knit relationships. Sadly, sometimes computers and the telephone are the only way for some people to reach out and communicate. If you can entertain each other through talking and discussing the days events, then this is a long distance relationship that might work out wonderfully.

It’s really difficult to not get jealous when it comes to a long distance relationship. Don’t fall victim to this. Instead, reassure your long distance partner that you would do whatever you could to make their life everything it was meant to be and more. You have to really be in the spirit of helping your fellow man or woman and dedicate yourself to having a real friend or love interest. Try to be a rock, an island for someone if their sea of life is choppy.

Here’s another tip. Intimate relationships are built on making love, talking to each others physical body. Right? Physical communication. Right?


Understanding is key. You have to understand that distance separates your bodies. The best thing you can do is to be open to physically communicate with the person and be ready for a possible long distance love affair to develop. If things go well, you may find that the long distance relationship turns into the real thing. Before you know it, you may be enjoying time with that special someone.The telephone and computer can help get your bodies to begin to communicate.

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