Tips For Making Laughter An Everyday Part Of The Relationship

When it comes to real life relationships, love making is not the only factor to consider. What happens when the two of you are “worn out” by all the love making? There has to be other aspects of the relationship to help keep things alive. A sense of humor is one of your best weapons against problems in relationships.

They say laughter is the best medicine and they’re not kidding. When you look at other couples and then consider you’re own relationships, does laughter fit in? If it doesn’t then you need to work to improve on that.

Tips For Making Laughter An Everyday Part Of The Relationship

Tips For Making Laughter An Everyday Part Of The Relationship

If you find that you’re in a relationship that seems too serious and there is something inside you telling you that the laughter is missing, then see what you can do to change that. In many instances, there are steps you can take to repair that bond with someone and make laughter an everyday part of the relationship. Here are some things that help create laughter.

1. Learn To REALLY Laugh Your Head Off

When it comes to laughing, when’s the last time you had a real gut buster? I mean a time where you laughed so hard you lost your breath and had to settle down just to breathe. These are the kinds of laughing fits of happiness that you should be pursuing. You can feel peoples sense of humor beckoning you to join in the fun, so listen to these emotional cues.

2. Associate Only With Happy People

Avoid people who bring you down. Only associate yourself with people who like to laugh and know how to have a happy and healthy good time.

3. Try And Bring Out The Best In Other Peoples Sense Of Humor

People can be like nutshells that need to be cracked open. Try to bring out the best feelings you can with people and really have fun laughing with them. If they say something funny or use their body language to be funny, then praise them for that. Add to the fun by being funny yourself. You’ll find that you have more happy people and less feelings that bring others down.

4. Being Funny Is A Virtue

Do you know how valuable it is to be funny and well liked because of how you act around others? Just look at Jim Carrey! He became a multi-millionaire simply by using his gift of being genuinely FUNNY and knowing how to rub people the right way. The key to unlocking the same thing in yourself revolves around finding the people that think you’re funny and love being around you.

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  1. GeekAndJock

    You can get worn out by too much love making? Nah :)

    Seriously though, Jennifer, you raise a magical aspect we tend to forgot about. The magic of laughter and the joy and bliss it has the potential to bring to a relationship.

    Though surrounding myself with people who think I’m funny sounds like a bit of an ego trip to me. I’d prefer to be myself, with loved ones and look to give them the joy of humor, if you know what I mean.

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